Pewter Baby Dinnerware

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Pewter Baby Dinnerware

This Royal Selangor pewter dinnerware set for a child makes a wonderful christening gift and is presented in a wooden box with dark blue velvet lining. Composed of refined tin, with a small proportion of antimony and copper added for strength and durability, Royal Selangor pewter represents the finest in materials and design. The pewter spoon, fork and knife each have a different teddy bear design on their handle, which is carried onto the back of the handle where teddy bear is hiding something from you. On the back of the knife teddy bear holds a piece of cheese to keep it from an interested mouse, the fork has teddy holding a bone from a little dog, and the spoon has teddy bear keeping food away from the cat.

brand: Royal Selangor

short_description: Royal Selangor pewter makes a unique christening gift for baby and is beautifully presented in a woo

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size: 6""

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